About our Worship Services

Starting September 10, we will provide two worship service options because we want every member of Goshen Baptist Church to have the freedom to serve or grow during one of our Sunday morning time slots. 

Our two worship services will be exactly the same in music style and content. We want members to choose which service they will attend based on service and growth opportunities rather than music preference. We also want to guard against dividing our church generationally.

Our music is a blend between traditional hymns and more contemporary worship music.

Our primary sermon series right now is a study through the Acts of the Apostles.

Children are always welcome in our worship services. We do have a quiet room that is available for moms with babies. The service can be viewed on a television from this room. The room is accessed from the balcony stairwell. We also offer a nursery during both services.

Older children are encouraged to participate in Sunday School during the first period on Sunday mornings. Children's church is available halfway through the second period. Children are dismissed to our children's department from the worship service just prior to the sermon.