Redefine Spotsylvania: Student Conference

Redefine Spotsylvania is back for another year of praising God and studying His ways. Join us on September 9, 2023 for a day of worship, fellowship, Bible study, and community. 

Why Redefine? 

Because the world tells us we have no purpose. We are cosmic accidents, the result of time and matter spontaneously erupting into life. There's no purpose to our existence but to eat, drink, and be merry.

But the Bible tells us a different story. God has revealed His plan and purpose for our lives in His word. We have value, purpose, dignity, and worth, because we bear His image. It's time we learn to shout it from the rooftops, share His story with our community, and embrace the life God intended for us.

Our Creator has already defined us. Our Savior has died to reconcile us. Our counselor dwells within us.

Let's learn about it together.

Keynote speaker: Peter Battaglia

Peter lives with his wife Amanda in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, where he is currently pursuing a Ph.D. in Religious Studies at Marquette University. He enjoys serving students at Marquette through teaching introductory Theology classes and ministering as a campus chaplain. When he’s not working, Peter thrives doing outdoor activities, including cycling, camping, and hiking. He and his wife are also professionals at eating good food, which they try to find or make anywhere they go. Peter’s vocational goal is to serve the local church in both academic and pastoral ways. He is excited to meet and encourage the students of Spotsylvania through this conference!

Break Out Speakers

Antonio Valdes-Dapena was born and reared in the Philadelphia area.  He became a believer in Christ in 1974, just before he turned 20. After being a Christian for seven years, the Lord led him to study medicine.  He graduated from Temple University Medical School in 1988 and served seven years as a physician in the US Navy.  For the last 25 years, he has been a family practice doctor in Bowling Green, Virginia.  He has always enjoyed studying the Bible and sharing its insights with others.  He was married in 1978 and has four grown children and three grandchildren.