Hello Adventurer!

With your sword strapped and quiver full, it's time to find your quest! The Goshen Guild meets every third Sunday from 1:30-4:00 pm for collaborative story-telling and fun using the Dungeons and Dragons (D&D) table-top role-playing game (TTRGP). This event is open to all middle and high school students, with the intention of growing leadership, teamwork, and communication skills while providing a safe place to play.

Meet the Goshen guild leaders

Mike & Sarah

Table Leaders
Sarah serves as the Student Ministry Director and GG coordinator for Goshen, while her husband Mike serves in the student ministry and as a deacon. Both have been playing D&D and other table-top role-playing games since 2019. Mike and Sarah serve as Goshen Guild Table Leaders.

Chris & Melissa

Table Leaders
Melissa serves as the Children's Ministry Director and the Office Administrator for Goshen, and is aided by her husband Chris who serves in both the children and student ministry. Chris played D&D for many years while growing up, and has recently come back to the table. Chris and Melissa serve as Goshen Guild Table Leaders.


Table Leader
Jarrett Perdue is a history teacher at Post Oak Middle School in Spotsylvania. He has been playing D&D and dozens of other roleplaying games for over 40 years and is delighted to serve as a Goshen Guild Table Leader.


Table Leader
Mahea is a member of Goshen who serves in the worship, children, and student ministries. Growing up she played a little D&D with her brother. Mahea serves as a Goshen Guild Table Leader.


Table Leader
The scribes have run out of ink for their quills, and are awaiting resupply. Check back in a fortnight or so to discover Marc's bio.

Mark & Karen

Table Leader
Mark and Karen are members of Goshen and serve in the Worship and Media ministry. Their journey into table-top gaming began in college with Advanced D&D and has continued throughout their lives with family games.
Mark and Karen serve as Goshen Guild Table Leaders.


Guild Host
Katie is a member of Goshen, and a teacher at Spotsylvania High School. She serves the Goshen Guild as an NPA (or "Non-Player Adult") to greet our attending students at check-in, provide for table needs during game time, and delivery the occasional snack or two if necessary. She loves board games but hasn't delved into TTRPGs, but enjoys facilitating the event for others!

Current Tables

Tables are designed for players to come and go as they are available. Players may bring their own characters (unless otherwise noted), select a premed character, or come between 1:30-2:00pm to receive help building a character. All characters should use only the Players Handbook, Xanathar's Guide
to Everything, and Tasha's Cauldron of Everything as source material.

Hunter's Full Moon Trilogy

Sarah Martin & Mahea Thomas
The village off Buckbridge is under threat – and the people urgently need your aid! Frost wolves, ancient dwarven secrets, and exciting adventures await!
Current character levels: 1

Dungeon Delvers

Karen & Mark Jones
Get ready to explore the fathomless depths of your traditional D&D Dungeon. Encounter monsters, traps, puzzles, and more.
Current Character levels: 1

Monsters in Shadowbrook

Jarett Perdue & Michael Martin
Something wicked stalks the streets of Shadowbrook by night, and the people of this sleepy, colonial village have turned to you for help. Can you uncover the source of this evil and defeat it before darkness swallows Shadowbrook? Monster-hunter character sheets are already provided and are waiting for you at the table; no prior roleplaying experience is required!
Current Character level: 1 (pre-made characters only)

Lost Mines of Phandelvor

Chris Czubowicz  & Marc Mcdonald
Come to the town of Neverwinter to be sent on an adventure! Travel to the Wave Echo Cave and explore along the way. Meet various NPCs and have exciting encounters along the way.
Current Character Levels: 1