First and foremost, you can expect us to share the love and hope of faith in Jesus Christ. That is why we are here. Additionally, you can expect us to:
  • Hold the Bible in highest regard. It is the ultimate authority for living life. In our Sunday School, we invite you to study the Scriptures with us.
  • Provide you with a worship environment that will ready your spirit and mind to hear and respond to the call of God.
  • Make children and families our priority. The family unit is essential to strong communities and people are more important than “stuff”.
  • Help you get involved and connect you with the ministries and groups that best fit your needs and help you grow in your faith.
  • Answer all your questions and concerns to the best of our ability.


Is there an obligation to give?
No. We do have an offering every week, but Goshen is supported financially by the people who have chosen to make it their church home.  Giving should never flow out of compulsion or guilt, but rather out of the desire to love God and be a part of what He’s doing in and through the church.

What’s the best way for me to get connected?
Join us on Sunday morning. Someone would be happy to show you around and let you know all that is available on Sundays!  Sunday School classes are a great way to connect and meet our people as well. 

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